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Energy and Information Management Solution in the Cloud

By the deployment of Microsoft Azure Cloud we provide you with the latest and most reliable technology for your production plant’s optimal operation




You could save the cost of a new production line in every 5 years.

Cut down on the
production line drop-outs


Reduce or even demolish the unnecessary consumption


Save time and pay attention to other matters that count


Artificial Intelligence (AI)
– Energy Consumption

• DATA COLLECTION: you can analyse 100 times more data by AVR IoT than you could with a traditional method

• DATA ANALYTICS: enjoy a more sophisticated, complex yet transparent data analytics process that simply can not be completed by a human- at all

• RESULTS: Get the maximum out of the system, looking after your energy consumption and costs.

energy consumption
realtime data

Handle all of your Data on one surface (Real-time Data)

• Able to communicate both ways with the enterprise’s other IT systems (SAP, BMS, SCADA)

• The product’s production costs can be calculated real-time, on real-value, in any currency

• Calculate and display the most competitive profit margin

Data Security

• Twice the level of bank-level security with Microsoft Azure

• The data is easily accessible to the right person and is safe

• The installation time, cost can be reduced to minimal and the operational costs to the 1/3.

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Compatible with other systems

AVR IoT will seamlessly connect with most of the systems (e.g.: BMS, SAP, SCADA etc), allowing all the relevant data to be displayed on one surface. Our solution supports the philosophy of Industry 4.0 where two-way communication is crucial.

Controlling functionality

Manual and automated controlling are both available with AVR IoT enabling users to achieve and maintain optimum operation level, efficiency and costs. 

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It fits all compliances

Based on Microsoft Azure’s compliance evaluation, the solution fits all relevant compliances globally.

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